© 2017 by Anne Welenc

pic by Michel Wagenschütz

Anne Welenc (born 1987 in Brandenburg), actress and performance artist, studied Theater and Scenic Arts Practice at the HKB in Bern. She performed among others with Meret Matter (Club 111), at the Schlachthaus Theater in Bern, the Stadttheater in Bern, the Theater der Künste in Zürich and with her own projects among others at Aua Wir Leben in Bern, Kaltstart Festival in Hamburg, and at Theaterdiscounter in Berlin. The biggest influence on her work came from working with Ivo Dimchev, Viviane de Muynck and Francois Chaignaud. Her personal work is based on research and often has to do with the transcendence of human existence.

2014 Anne is part of the Ensemble Berlin at the Pfefferbergtheater and performs regularly as a guest at the Theater an der Effingerstrasse in Bern. Since 2016 she has been working with the collective Tlön in Malmö on the so-called “immersive performance schools.” In 2015, together with the collective Happy End Company, at the Newcomer Festival Treibstoff, she won the production of her piece DAYS OF THE DEAD at the Theater Roxy and Schlachthaustheater in Bern. 2017 she was invited for residencies at Tanzhaus Zürich, Iceland NES, Sasso and Roxy Birsfelden to work on the projects MANABRAUT and I - KON. 2018 she was at the Theater Heidelberg in a play directed by Bernhard Mikeska. The next Premiere will be with Daniel Hellmann and Layton Lachman at Gessnerallee Zürich for ALL IN in April 2019. Also she is currently preparing with Daniel Hellmann her Soloperformance TRAUMGIRL, which will be at the Edinborough Fringe Festival,  the opening of Tanzhaus Zürich, Schlachthaustheater Bern and Ballhaus Ost Berlin.